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The One With Robots Wins

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Which Chicago Summer Camps Help Kids Build Robots and Friends?

Parents have plenty of options for Chicago Summer camps. One of the best is Robot City Workshop’s Summer camp for 2014, Nuts for Robots!

However, with back to school around the corner time is running out for this robotics summer camp.

With only two weeks remaining sign up today to secure your child’s seat for this neat week of building robots, learning about circuits and being introduced to programming.

Here are some of the details from the most recent group of robot summer camp kids.

Today, when asked what his favorite robot was Ewan McCraye answered, “All of them. Every single one of them.” The instructor laughed and said “well if you had to pick just one which one would it be?” Ewan simply could not choose. They are all great robots but student Noble Austen certainly had his favorite.

“I like the solar powered one the best.”

One of the many robots our full day campers build is the new T4 Transforming Solar Robot from OWI. Not only is this robot green (literally) it also has cool, replay value.

Once students build this model during robot summer camp they can take it home and build it three other ways! And this is just one of the robots students build throughout the week.

Full day robot camp runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 4:00.

Looking for Shorter Chicago Summer Camps?

In addition to our full day camp for kids we also offer half day, early learning and mini-camp options.

This week’s early learners love the Brush Bot. After all, what kid doesn’t want a robot to help out with the chores.

Early learners Kabeer and Mahika Chopra loved this little robot. They even made confetti to sprinkle on the floor for the robot to clean up while the older class worked on their next project.

Chicago Summer Camps Rarely Get this Electric

Building is great and we want to make sure that the students leave with working knowledge about how their robots work.

While some of the robots offered in store are solar powered most run off of batteries. Kids learn need to know facts about batteries, circuits and polarity through hands on fun with our Snap Circuits. The learning does not stop there.

Students get to try out some of our push button programmable robots (such as the Bee-Bots and the Big Track Jr.) and even engage in designing their own robots with the modular robotics sensation known as Cubelets.

Read an earlier article for even more detail on our awesome Chicago Summer camps.

Information overload… need reboot for Chicago Summer Camps

The last thing a parent needs is to feel inundated with information trying to decide which of the Chicago Summer Camps is the right choice for their child. So, let’s sum up RCW robot summer camp in three little bullets:

  • Kids learn while having fun
  • Kids  make friends
  • Kids are introduced to building, electronics and programming each of which can spark an interest in their future careers

So why are you waiting? Call today and reserve one of the few remaining spots for our summer robot camp, 2014 or sign-up online.

Better yet, if you are in the area come by our store. We are never too busy to show you our workshop space dedicated to entertaining and educating with hands on robotics.

Thanks for reading and as always have fun building!

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