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Fun Hands On Education

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Kids Snap Circuits are an excellent learning tool for ages 9-99! They are an awesome activity to assist in our ongoing mission of educating while entertaining.

Learning With Kids Snap Circuits

The best thing about snap circuits is that they live up to their name. Each individual piece “snaps” onto the next. Take a look at how it makes learning about circuits a snap!

Simple Snap Circuit Activity

When working with five to seven year old children often we begin by introducing them to snap circuit fun with a simplified version of the Snap Circuit Jr. activity, the Flying Saucer Kit.

Flying Saucers kits consists of five parts. Before students get to build a circuit they are taken through a parts check. This helps them identify each individual component and what it does.

“All right, everyone open up your boxes and find your battery pack. What does this part do? Once you’ve found it hold it way up in the air so I know you have one.” –RCW Instructor

“I found it my battery pack. It holds our batteries!” RCW Student

Once they have found and identified each individual part they get to build a simple circuit. Upon completing this fun, simple activity students know the name of each part (including a battery pack, press button, motor, wire and propeller) Plus, they know that all of these parts work together to create a circuit.

They learn all of this while having fun and working with their hands!

Bigger and Better Circuits

As students get a little older they are ready to learn even more about circuits with kids Snap Circuits Jr.

Think of the Flying Saucer activity described above and more parts.

“Students open up your boxes, find your instruction manual and turn to page 10. I want half of you to build project #5 and half of you to build project #6. Then we are going to observe the difference in behavior between our two different circuits.” –RCW Instructor

Upon completing a sample activity from Snap Circuits Jr. students learn the difference between a circuit in series versus a circuit in parallel.

“You can tell the difference just from seeing how strong the light is from the lamp. Cool.” –RCW Student

This is just one example of the fun learning experiences students can have and all from just one of our reusable, educational activities, kids snap circuits.

Snap Circuits XP Programming

Once students get to a certain point they can start to integrate their basic knowledge of circuits with basic knowledge of programming. These are the most advanced kids snap circuits.

Snap Circuits XP are offered as an in-store activity during special, advertised programming classes at our shop.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information about our in store learning opportunities and new classes!

Have Fun Building With Kids Snap Circuits

Your child will continue to gain knowledge while having fun as part of our robotics afterschool program and in-store, educational workshops.

And don’t forget to check out our other events including our kid’s birthday parties, Robot Date Night for couples and the new Day Off Camps!

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