October Robot Sale
20% Off Halloween Projects

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Four Halloween projects are on sale throughout October for all robot lovers! Choose from two DIY robot kits and two soldering kits for 20% off sticker price.

Awesome Halloween Projects

If you are looking for a fun, hands-on Halloween themed project check out four DIY projects right up your alley:

  • Electronic spider robot ($19.95 sticker price)
  • Salt water giant arachnoid ($24.95 sticker price)
  • Halloween pumpkin soldering kit ($16.50 sticker price)
  • Animated ghost soldering kit ($29.95 sticker price)

Both spiders can be completed with no soldering required. Now, if you want to complete these fun Halloween and ghost soldering projects but do not know how to solder check out our advanced workshops.

Here is a detailed look at the individual Halloween projects we have on sale.

Two Creepy Spider Robots

While both very creep, they each have their charm. What could be a better little DIY project for Halloween? Well, you could get a neat pumpkin or ghost soldering kit but

What does each unique spider robot do?

Electronic Spider Robot

  1. Powered by one single AA battery
  2. Walks creepily in one direction along a flat surface
  3. Two different speed modes

Salt Water Giant Arachnoid

  1. Powered by salt water
  2. Looks like a real giant spider
  3. Removable, refillable fuel cells

Each DIY spider kit will take about an hour and a half to build to completion. To check out these and some other cool robotic kits in action watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Soldering Halloween Projects

Festive and fun, both Halloween soldering projects make for spooky nights. Build the Halloween pumpkin and the animated ghost to add to your trick or treating decor!

Anyone with soldering experience should be able to build either of these kits in about an hour and a half.

Out of soldering supplies? No problem, we stock solder, soldering irons, de-soldering thread and pumps, safety goggles and more. Come get your supplies and Halloween projects today.

Halloween Pumpkin

  1. Classic jack-o-lantern look
  2. Light up mouth and eyes

Animated Ghost

  1. Greets visitors by responding to sudden noise
  2. Classic ghost garb included

And remember, if you do not know how to solder you can learn with RobotCity Workshop.

More Robot News

With Halloween projects underway it means Halloween is right around the corner. We at RobotCity are happy to offer some special treats to all the young kids heading out for trick or treating this year. Swing by the shop for yours (and remember, we are partial to robot costumes). Look for more news on our trick or treating prizes by following our weekly blog.

And just for fun if you wanna check out some more creepy robot spiders just watch here:

Creepy Spider Robot!

Enjoy these four great Halloween projects and more 20% off this month! Happy Halloween robot enthusiasts.

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