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Robots for Kids of All Ages

Robot for kids of all ages line our shelves. Here is an example of one of our kits for kids as little as four years old. Speed through building a fun, decorative robot with members of our staff! Whew, [...]
<strong>Robots for Kids of All Ages</strong>

March’s Robot of the Month
Wind Powered Strandbeest

While the Robot of the Month changes as we propel towards the future this one will always be special. Click to watch the wind powered Strandbeest in action! [...]
<strong>March’s Robot of the Month</strong> <br>Wind Powered Strandbeest

Robot Demonstrations

Ready for some robot demonstrations? Check out more on our YouTube Channel. [...]
<strong>Robot Demonstrations</strong>

Programmable Robots

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<strong>Programmable Robots</strong>

Helpful Build Guides

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<strong>Helpful Build Guides</strong>

Toy Robots

Toy robots are great for the kids. Well, they’re actually pretty cool for everyone. While the majority of the products we sell are DIY kits to encourage building we do sell some robots that are [...]
<strong>Toy Robots</strong>

Robot Workshop & More

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