Robot Kits, Toys, Components & Merchandize

Robot City Workshop is in gear for all your building needs including robot kits, party supplies and project components.

Reasons to Visit Our Webstore

We carry a wide selection of DIY kits to purchase and take home plus lots of robot related goodies! In addition, we also sell a nice selection of individual components, bulk supplies and hand dandy tools for your own projects.

Dozens of Robot Kits

In store workshops, birthday parties and summer camps feature a variety of DIY robot kits. Check out an example of a couple of our kits in action by visiting our YouTube Channel.

And look for more video build guides as part of our ongoing service to help you have fun building!

Plenty of Robot Party Gifts

If you are crazed for robots or know someone who is then you found the right site. We have robot merchandise you may never have known existed including items such as the following:

  • Robot tea infusers
  • Robot erasers/pencil sharpeners
  • Robot water bottles and more

Parts for Projects

A variety of individual components are available in store behind the register. Just ask one of our friendly associates what you need to complete your project!

Remember, check out our web store and if you are looking for a fun do it yourself project for either yourself or a friend take a look at our robot of the month!

Keep building your own friends.

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