Intermediate Workshops
(Level 1, 2 & 3)

Our newly refreshed intermediate workshops are two to three hours in length and are offered as three different levels. While our intermediate workshops are more build intensive, a select few of the robot builds listed below are paired with a brief introduction to programming a push-button robot such as the Big Track Jr. or Recon 6.0. After the programming introduction, with the help of a workshop instructor, students build their very own robot to take home!

Intermediate workshops levels one and two are $45 for the first student plus the cost of their robotic kit/batteries and $15 per additional student plus the cost of their robotic kit(s)/batteries.

Intermediate workshop level three runs three hours long; the cost is $60 for the first student plus the cost of the robotic arm/batteries and $15 per additional student plus the cost of their robotic arm(s)/batteries. These classes are limited to one type of robot per workshop and may be scheduled as early as 11a.m. or as late as 4p.m. Workshops are capped at a maximum of four students. Sign up right here, right now or give us a call at 773-281-1008 to schedule yours today!

Intermediate Workshop Level 1

Recommended for ages nine to eleven

Our level-one class is two hours long. The robots offered for this class range from $17.95 to $39.95 and include the hyper peppy, *push button programmable robot , mechanical mammoth and mechanical race horse.

*This robot is a relatively quick build in comparison to others offered at level 1 and focuses on the following activities which involve introducing young students to the basics of programming.

Intermediate Workshop Level 2

Recommended for ages nine to eleven

Our level-two class is two hours long. Robots offered for this class vary from $17.95 to $34.95 and include the mechanical tiger, mechanical turtle, mechanical rabbit, mechanical ostrich, mechanical giraffe, mechanical beetle, the follow-me robot and the new strandbeest!

Intermediate Workshop Level 3

Prerequisite- intermediate workshop level 1 or level two class, recommended for ages ten and up

Our level-three class is three hours long. This class is devoted entirely to the build and features our most challenging intermediate level kit, the robotic arm edge!

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