After School Programs – Parents

Our after school programs are one more way we continue to educate young minds in a hands-on, entertaining way.

“I love robots Mom. Can I sign up for RobotCity afterschool? They get to build robots!” –after school RCW student

With your child enrolled in our program they will learn scientific principles and fundamentals all centered around do-it-yourself robot building activities.

Our classes are set to inspire careers in engineering, general science or programming, all while kids are having an awesome time–Come join us!


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Over the course of our classes students engage in “build days” and “reusable days.”

During a build day students work on assembling a robot they get to take home and keep. Some of these robots take three classes to build to completion while others only require one day of building.

robotics after school

Reusable days offer students the chance to have robot building races, learn about different types of circuits, program various robots and more. Just watch a video from our YouTube channel to check out some of the newer reusable activities for robotics after school with RobotCity.

Read more about why after school matters!

Now that you know some general points about our program take a look at the current session. Each session offers different robots for students to build and keep.

What’s in store for robotics after school 2018-2019?

Our featured robotic kit for after school Spring 2019 is the Motorized Robotic Arm from 4M! This kit is for both our K-2 and 3-5 classes and are an excellent challenge for their age groups.

Questions about our other kits featured in Spring 2019? Just call the shop.

Sign Up for Robotics After School Programs

Click on your school below to register online or download a paper registration form

Register through your school for the following classes:

  • Catherine Cook School
  • Chicago Montessori
  • Ebinger Elementary
  • Lycee Francais de Chicago
  • North Park Elementary
  • St. John Berchmans
  • St. Josaphat School
  • St. Viator School
  • University of Chicago Lab School

Register through the Right At School website for the following schools:

  • Audubon Elementary School
  • Nettlehorst Elementary School
  • Oscar Mayer Elementary School
  • Orrington Elementary School – Evanston
  • William Beye Elementary – Oak Park

Register through the J at School website for the following schools:

  • Andrew Jackson Language Academy