Due to the COVID-19 situation, many schools have postponed all in-person after school enrichment classes, and so RobotCity has moved to a unique Online Class model.   It has been a lot of work, and now we are scheduled to begin live, interactive, online classes with our virtual after school session on Monday, September 7th.  As we look ahead to a 2020-2021 school year, we all aspire to return to some semblance of normalcy.  Enrichment programs will be needed more than ever because they can help kids find their social/emotional footing again.

Our classes inspire careers in engineering, general science, or computer programming.  All while kids are having an awesome time learning. Children develop strong relationships with our instructors and their peers-all while gaining knowledge and skills for future access and participation in STEM fields and careers.  Give your student a head start!



Over the course of our classes students engage in “build days” and “reusable days.”  During a build day students work on assembling a robot they get to keep. Some of these robots take three classes to build to completion while others only require one day of building.                       Registration includes all materials delivered to your doorstep!


Now that you know some general points about our program take a look at the current session. Each session offers different robots for students to build and keep.   We offer 3 levels of coding class (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance) student can continue to a the next level each session.  Class session range from 8 weeks to 11 week programs ($144 – $198).



     What’s in store for robotics after school 2020-2021?

Our after school program kids will work with some of the newest STEM robots and code an awesome video game.  

  • Assemble gears, parts, and wires to create a robot that walks on its own, powered entirely by solar energy, or other energy sources.

  • Creative robots with household items

  • Build a robot that encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, an interest in science and engineering

  • Build multiple robots projects


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