FAQs – Offsite Parties


Q: Am I too far away for an offsite party?

A: We have our offsite parties primarily in the city and the north west Chicago suburbs including the North Shore. Generally though, 30 miles from the shop is our limit.

Q: How should I prepare my house for the event?

A: Set it up however you wish! We just need a room that comfortably fits all the children and other guests to hold the event. Typically, this is a dining room with a large table or a garage area where we can set up our own tables and chairs. You can even hold it outdoors on a deck or patio–weather permitting! However, we will need to stage the cake presentation in an adjoining room where the cake serving robot can deliver the cake from smoothly. This means no steps , hard corners or other obstacles. The floor should ideally be smooth with no high carpet. If you have concerns about this, please contact us for further information.

Q: What about decorations?

A: Because everyone has different tastes, we mostly leave the decorating to the host. However, we do bring streamers, some standup cardboard robots, plastic table cloths and a few other items to supplement the room. Call us if you require different arrangements.

Q: Do you supply tables and chairs?

A: Yes. Let us know if you will be needing them or not. There is no extra charge.



Q: What time should my guests arrive?

A: We recommend about 10 to 20 minutes before the start of the party. Guests can arrive as late as 20 minutes before we have the children start building their robots

Q: There will be younger children (ages 4 or under) attending. Can they build the robot kits as well? If not do you charge for them?

A: We do not recommend robot building for the little ones as it may prove too challenging for them and the small parts may be a hazard. Instead, we set up another area with age appropriate building sets for them to use during the party. Please let us know in advance if younger children will be present so that we can bring along activity materials for them. We do not charge for the younger children.

Food & Drink

Q: Should I bring paper plates, forks and napkins, cups?

A: We supply all those items. However, if you want to bring in your own, feel free!

Q: Should the food be separately located?

A: Yes. This should be done in order to keep the food away from the robot building and other activities where it may get onto the materials.

Party Questions

Q: Can the children build different robot kits?

A: No. Unfortunately, it becomes too difficult to keep the party on track with different robot kits. Every child builds the same kit, but they can customize them with stickers that we provide.

Q: Can I use my own goody bags?

A: Sure! We will be supplying these as well, but you can also just add your own items to them.

Q: Do you provide cleanup after the party?

A: Yes.


Q: What happens if I add extra guests at the time of the party?

A: We will bring extra robot kits in case this happens. For the billing, we simply pro rate any extra participants building robot kits (over the tiered amount you originally booked) at $40 each into the final price.  If the amount of extra guests reaches the next pricing tier, we will just invoice you at that tier level.

Q: How do I pay the final balance at the end of the party?

A: You can pay by check to the party instructors or we can call back to the shop with a credit card. 

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