Birthday Party Options
Every Child Builds a Robot

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Want to know the specific details of our birthday party options for building? Look no further! Our team is happy that you have an interest in RobotCity Workshop being the place for your child’s birthday celebration!

Birthday Party Options

robot birthday partyThe Table Top Robot (currently on back-order) is our simplest mechanical kit for children to build during their robot themed party. Ingeniously, this robot avoids falling and stays on your table. Watch it get close to the edge and quickly spin in a safe direction to avoid the fall. It moves from side to side just like a crab and even comes with a pair of cute, little antennas. Even if your child swats it off the table the side legs will absorb the impact and pop off and easily put back together.

birthday party optionsRobot Duck is also one of the simplest birthday party options at RobotCity. Kids get to attach the wires of the motor to the body of the robot and attach a shaft with spur gear to get this little project moving. Build this quirky and fun robot and watch it waddle across the floor just like a duck. We even get to decorate our ducks with a sweet robot hat. Choose your favorite colors or just keep it as is. The duck won’t mind. Read on for more cool birthday party options. Quack!

IMG_2684If you are looking for another simple build for the younger kids, check out the Brush Robot! This cute little DIY mechanical kit works with a small counter weight attached to the shaft of the motor. As the motor spins the counter weight, vibrations are produced which causes the Brush Robot to move around across a flat surface. As it moves along the brush picks up little dust bust bunnies. Go get those dust bunnies and build a bot that will help you clean!

birthday party optionsSmart Robot is the most popular bump and go robot around! With a clever motorized sphere and attached counter weight, it can work its way through a maze and automatically move away from walls and other objects. It has been a favorite for years among the RobotCity birthday party options for your child. We have sold over four thousand smart robots for entertaining birthday parties and educational workshops. Out of all of those who’s Smart Robot will be the smartest?

birthday party activitiesDoodling Robot is a good balance for kids who like to make fun art projects and/or like to battle. Our Art-ful drawing robot loves to vibrate and spin his marker tipped legs to create some colorful drawings for you! Remove the markers and the doodling robot transforms into a battling war-bot. Create a simple circle and pit two Doodling Robots against one another. Knock one out of the circle to win! Doodling Robot is for sure a favorite among the RobotCity staff.

robotics birthday partyLook, it’s a crazy crawling bug, Robo Bug! Watch this motorized bug creep across the floor like a futuristic beetle. Put on the rubber traction pads and take the action outdoors. Robo-Bug can crawl over sand and rocks, pull objects, and even climb up small hills. Open the cool wings to see the gears inside. Tie a little string to the rear of this cool, mechanical kit and it will pull small objects behind. It’s a robot that earns its keep. Robo Bug EVEN GLOWS IN THE DARK! Ready to set him loose?


Real Quick Review of Birthday Party Options

  1. Table Top Robot
  2. Robot Duck
  3. Brush Robot
  4. Smart Robot
  5. Doodling Robot
  6. Robo Bug

Have Fun Building!

Remember, our birthday parties are available on Saturdays and Sundays with start times at 11:30a.m. and 3:00p.m. Parties run two hours and the cost per attendee is $40 which includes their robot and all materials. Thanks for checking out our birthday party options. Schedule yours today!

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