Microcontroller Classes
(Level 1 & 2)

Interested in learning how to do your own robot programming? RobotCity Workshop is offering two microcontroller classes that will teach you how to set up and program the popular Arduino Dueliminove Microcontroller. You will learn how to construct simple circuits and connect them to the Arduino to be controlled by programs that you write. These classes are recommended for ages twelve and up! These classes are available by reservation only, with limited availability on the weekends, so call ahead to schedule this workshop.

Microcontroller Level 1

This class will teach you how to setup the software and guide you through several experiments using a variety of electronic components. Microcontroller I runs two and a half hours and is priced at $75 (this price does not include the cost of your kit or the microcontroller itself).

Microcontroller Level 2

In Microcontroller II you will build our in store design, the Dodger, (Duemilanove Object Detection Ground Exploration Robot) using the Arduino from Microcontroller I and learn how to construct its various systems. You will literally build this robot from the various components and write the code needed for the robot to function! This class lasts around three hours and is priced at $105 (this price does not include the cost of your kit or the microcontroller itself).

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Important Information

RobotCityFor these classes you must purchase the associated kit at our store; however you are welcome to bring in your own Arduino microcontroller.