FAQs – In Store Parties


Q: What time should my guests arrive?

A: We recommend about 10 minutes before the start of the party but no more than 20 minutes. Guests can arrive as late as 20 minutes before we have the children start building their robots.

Q: What if some of my guests don’t show? Am I still charged the amount I said were coming?

A: We do a count at the end of the party of the kids that built a robot kit. That is the amount you are charged ($40 each) minus your $80 deposit.

Q: Oh my! What about the parking!?

A: Relax, it’s not quite that bad. There is metered parking on Sheffield with open parking on the surrounding residential streets. School St.and Kenmore Ave. are your best bets. As long as you don’t stay past 6pm, you should be fine. Read all the signs! We recommend dropping off the kids, presents, food etc. at the front door and then park. Here is a local map for your convenience. 

Q: Do you charge for adults attending the party?

A: Of course not! Your cost is determined by the number of robot kits being built by the children at the party.

Q: There will be younger children (ages 4 or under) attending. Can they build the robot kits as well? If not do you charge for them?

A: We do not recommend robot building for the little ones as it may prove too challenging for them and the small parts may be a hazard. Instead, we set up another area with age appropriate building sets for them to use during the party. Please let us know in advance if younger children will be present so that we can set up activity materials for them. We do not charge for the younger children.

Q: What is the maximum amount of guests that I can invite?

A: Our activity room has seating for a maximum of 20 children. We typically set up chairs in a different room for the adults that stay at the party that don’t want to be in the main room–space will be tight! 

Food & Drink

Q: I want to order pizza for my party. Can you recommend some places?

A: Sure! Near Sheffield and Roscoe is Si-Pie Pizzeria, and if you mention your order is for a Robot City Workshop Birthday Party, thay will give you 20% off your order!  Also, across the street is  Home Run Inn, and around the corner is Blaze and Giordanos.

Q: What time should I have my pizza delivered by?

A: Good question – Timing is everything for us at the parties! The kids will be finished with their robots by the half way point and will be hungry! If your party starts at 11:30, you want the pizza delivered by 12:45. If your party starts at 3:00, have it delivered by 4:15. FYI, the places mentioned above are very close to us and some guests have opted to pick the pizza up themselves.

Q: Where can I get a customized cake in the area?

A: Here are a few ideas: Bitter Sweet Bakery ; Dinkels Bakery ; Sweet Mandy B’s ; Cookies by Design

Q: What about other food like sandwiches and snacks?

A: Bring whatever you like–it’s YOUR party!

Q: Should I bring paper plates, forks and napkins, cups?

A: We supply all those items. However, if you want to bring in your own, feel free!

Q: What about beverages?

A: Most of the parents stick to juice boxes and bottled water. We have a water cooler and can make coffee for the guests. We do not recommend bringing alcohol to the party.

Party Questions

Q: Can the children build different robot kits?

A: No. Unfortunately, it becomes too difficult to keep the party on track with different robot kits. Every child builds the same kit, but they can customize them with stickers that we provide.

Q: The guests will be bringing presents. What do you do with these?

A: We set them in the back, out of the way so they will not distract the children. Most parents just take them home unopened, but its up to you if you want to open them at the end of the party.

Q: Can I bring my own goody bags?

A: Sure! We will be supplying these as well, but you can also just add your own items to them.

Q: I forgot the candles for the cake!

A: All good– We have a small supply at the shop.