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Programming Classes at RCW

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Want to Program A Robot? Now You Can.

Regardless of your experience, learn to program a robot in our Robot City Workshop programming classes for all ages.

Initiate RCW robot programming class sequence!

Program A Robot Arm

Starting in September we will be offering a recurring monthly class where students can program the robotic arm edge.

This class is built as a fun introduction to using software to interface with hardware or to say it in a more entertaining way, “Come make a cool robot arm pick stuff up for you!”

Programming the robotic arm edge is an excellent way to introduce younger minds to the fun aspects of programming. For example, through this drag and drop formula students will manipulate the arm to move just like our arms, pick up small objects and drop them into the goal!

This is just one of the puzzles to solve in the robotic arm class. Complete one task and move on to the next!

Now let’s make the program a little more difficult.

Artec Software & PC Programmable Robots

During this RCW class students learn how to program a robot with a bit more specificity.

The artec software used in this class offers a great experimental environment for trial and error with robots… and it’s so cool!

Utilizing optical sensors this PC Programmable Robot receives commands wirelessly.

“Upon dragging all your commands into the action line hold your robots up to the computer screen and transfer the data!”

Two lights blink on and off during the transfer process. Optical sensors interpret this pattern. Post completion simply place the robot on a flat surface and touch the sensor to begin the program! In addition, this neat little DIY robot contains an out of box line tracing program.


However, if you are looking for a programming class that is even more challenging check out our class where students program a robot they build themselves.

Arduino Microcontroller Classes

Currently, we offer two classes at RobotCity where individuals without any prior knowledge of programming can come take an intensive two part course and develop the beginning steps which can lead to a career in programming.

Here is a brief description of each individual class:

  1. Microcontroller 1– While working with an arduino microcontroller students manipulate individual components by changing portions of code. For example, while connecting a speaker to the one of the controller inputs and pasting the correct code a sound emits. Students change the code to change the frequency of the sound. Another example, student also manipulate given code to change the rate of a flashing LED. The coding language used during this course is C++
  2. Microcontroller 2– With working knowledge of C++ students build a robot from individual components and then, using the arduino duemilanove, program the robot to execute a specific behavior. The D.O.D.G.E.R. (Duemilanove Object Detecting Ground Exploration Robot) is featured in this class. Upon completing the robot DODGER (through the use of ping sensor) will detect obstacles and redirect its path according, thereby “dodging” obstacles.

Remember, these classes are an excellent method for students without prior knowledge of programming to develop a seed interest. Plus, these are initial steps towards a cool hobby or awesome career path!

However, if you are more interested in the entertaining aspects of our company check out Robot Date Night for adults (if you have a sweetheart) and our robot birthday parties for kids.

Otherwise, sign up today for our programming workshops and get ready to program a robot!


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