Advanced Workshop (Electronics & Soldering)

 Electronic fundamentals are covered throughout this course designed to get you acquainted with various electronic components, the use of a digital volt meter to measure electrical values in a circuit and to explain how various circuits operate. Soldering workshops can be scheduled as early as 11a.m. and as late 4p.m.

Soldering is a technique for connecting electronic components using heat to fuse them together on a circuit board with solder wire. Soldering can also be used for electronic repairs of musical instruments, amplifiers, computers, video equipment or just about any other device using electronics–start fixing your own stuff!

Our 2.5 hour workshop is priced at $75.00 and will include an LED blinker kit to teach you how to assemble electronic components to circuit boards. You will learn various techniques and tips as you construct your circuit board and the class will help you to identify different electronic components and their uses.


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Important Information

RobotCityThis $75 workshop includes the cost of an LED Blinker kit. Students will be able to make use of RobotCity’s soldering tools; however, if you plan to continue soldering at home, we recommend purchasing the following items in our store: soldering iron starter kit ($29.95), safety goggles ($5.95),  digital volt meter ($14.95). A deposit is required to secure your place in the workshop so call today!

This workshop is intended for ages 13 and up. Parental supervision is recommended for teens under 18 years old.