FAQs – Virtual Online Parties


Q: What time should my guests arrive?

A: We recommend about 5 minutes before the start of the zoom party but no more than 10 minutes early.

Q: What if some of my guests don’t show? Am I still charged the amount I said were coming?

A: You will still be charged $25 for (materials and shipping) for any guest that do not attend. You must know the number of guests who will attend before you book the party. The day of the party the balance is due minus your $150 deposit.

Q: We will have younger children (4 yrs. or under) attending the virtual party can they build the robot kits? If they cannot participate in the robot build will there be a charge for them?

A: We do not recommend robot building for the little ones it may be too challenging for them, and the small parts may be a hazard. Younger siblings who are present (but not participating in activities) will not be counted.

Q: What is the maximum amount of guests that I can invite?

A: We recommend a maximum of 14 children building the robots for the best virtual party experience.

Food & Drink

Q: Is food & drinks included?

A: No, because of safety issues related to COVID-19, you will need to make any food arrangements independently.

Party Questions

The following is a typical party schedule for a robot building birthday party.

  • Open with an online robot activity for the first 15 minutes
  • Robot building time: ~ 45-60 minutes
  • Animated birthday greeting from our Omni Bot and additional
  • Robot active play with built robots: 15 minutes

Q: Can the children build different robot kits?

A: No, unfortunately, it becomes too difficult to keep the party on track with different Robot kits.  Every child builds the same kit, but they can customize them with stickers that we provide.

Q: What equipment will the attendees need to participate in the virtual party?

A:  Access to an iPad or desktop computer with the Zoom app installed before the start of the party.  A comfortable space with adequate space to build while viewing the device screen.

Q: What included in the birthday package?

A: Each attendee will build their very own robot friend they get to keep.  The base price is $350, which includes all materials and shipping (local Illinois).  There is an additional charge of $50 for each guest after the first 7.

⇒ Variety of Robot kits to select from

⇒ Goody bags containing stickers, an activity book, crayons, and more

⇒ Interactive virtual tour of our robots in store

⇒ A private 1.50-hour Zoom party with family and friends

⇒ Suggestion for robot birthday party themes ⇒ An animated birthday greeting from our Omni Bot

⇒ We mail the birthday participation materials to all your confirmed attendees with free shipping Chicago area only

⇒ One (1) RobotCity T-Shirt for the birthday boy or girl.*

Q: What’s the booking process?  

A: Complete the online birthday party registration form (see the link below), and someone will follow up with you within 24 hrs. You will need to provide us with the contact information for all guest attending, name, phone numbers, email address, and physical addresses.

Robot City Omni Bot