Columbus Day Robot Camp
Activities for Kids Off School

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We know that activities for kids on their day off from school should be fun. So come join us for a special full day of robot building this Columbus Day, October 13th 2014!

Activities for Kids on Columbus Day

Young minds can continue growing while building their own friends at RobotCity Workshop’s first ever one day special camp.

This one day camp runs from 9a.m. to 4p.m. with the option of attending either half day or full day. Half day attendees can choose to attend the morning class from 9a.m. to noon or the afternoon class from 1p.m. t0 4p.m. Full day students will stay from 9a.m. to 4p.m. with a nice lunch break.

Mommy, Daddy I love robots and we have the day off from school on Columbus Day. Can I go to RobotCity?

Parents of full day students please remember to pack a lunch for your child. Space is limited so call 773-281-1008 or visit our shop at 3226 N Sheffield to sign up today!

Now, let’s take a look at which robots Columbus Day campers will be building.

Morning Campers Build the Robot Duck

Our morning robot campers will be building the Robot Duck by 4M. This kit is super simple and super cute when assembled.

Students will attach a battery case and motor to the robot chassis. After twisting the appropriate wires together and completing the robot’s circuit, students will then attach a motor cover, two connecting rods and the robot feet.

Now can we put in the batteries please? I want to see how my robot duck walks!

No robot duck would be totally complete without a cool duck hat. Students make their own little hat for their robot duck so they know which one they built. Next, it’s time for a robot race.

Now let’s have a look at what our afternoon Columbus Day campers will be building.

Afternoon Campers Build the Strandbeest

Students attending the afternoon session of our special robot camp will be building the wind-powered Strandbeest. No batteries required.

One of our store favorites and the only robot (thus far) featured at RCW to be awarded robot of the month, the Strandbeest takes roughly two hours to build to completion.

The Strandbeest is an excellent DIY kit. This fantastic design is based off the work of Dutch artist and “kinetic sculptor” Theo Jansen. Of all the kits in the store, this one just looks the coolest especially when it moves. –RCW staff member

Students ready to attend the full day of camp this 2014 Columbus Day will build both the 4M Robot Duck and the Strandbeest kit. Finally, let’s look at some of the additional, awesome activities for our robot campers.

Flying Saucers, Gyrobot and Cubelets

Educating and entertaining is part of our mission at RobotCity and we have a large supply of fun tools and educational activities for kids so that they all have a good time and leave with a little more knowledge about robots.

Scientific activities for kids do not get much better than this:

  • Flying saucers – this simplified version of the Snap Circuits Jr. from Elenco is the perfect hands-on experiment to teach young minds about circuits
  • Gyrobot – one of the newer additions to our robot family, this reusable kit is not only super cool but it introduces kids to the gyroscope and its applications
  • Cubelets – the newest and most popular invention in modular robotics, Cubelets allow students to create robots of their own design but more important learn exactly what it takes for a robot to be a robot

All these activities and more will be part of our full day camper experience for this Columbus Day holiday!

Cost for Special Columbus Day Robot Camp

Cost for students attending either half day time slots (9-noon or 1-4) is $50. Cost for full day robot camp (running from 9-4, Columbus Day, 10/13/2014) is $100. Both costs include all materials. Again, space is limited so either call 773-281-1008 or visit our store at 3226 N Sheffield and reserve a spot today!

Have fun building your own friends at RobotCity, the place for cool, hands-on activities for kids.

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