Robot Summer Camp
2014 is Nuts for Robots!

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Kids will go Nuts for Robots at the Robot Summer Camp 2014! Come build your own friends.

Our camps are great for kids ages 4-12 who love tinkering with things and making new friends! How many “friends” you may ask? Depending on which camp(s) you choose kids will leave with two to six completed DIY robot kits and meet some new fellow robot builders!

Robots for the Ages

Little hands cannot build on their own. At our summer camps, even a four year old will get some hands on experience putting parts together. Our camp instructors makes certain every robot is handled with care.

Older students lead by example while assembling their slightly more advanced robotic creations.

Our 2014 camp features a number of different robots made to fit the right pair of little hands.

Kids Build Their Own Robots

During our awesome robot summer camps, kids get to build their own robots to take home and keep forever.

Our many DIY kits featured across the various 2014 robot summer camps are all age appropriate and come with all the parts needed. Everything is included in your cost of camp!

Some of the featured robots for this year’s camp include the following awesome DIY kits:

  • RoboXplorer (featured in our Early Learning Camp)
  • Mechanical Racehorse (featured in our Short Camp)
  • Co Robot  (featured in our Half Day Camps)
  • Rhinoceros Mini Beest (featured in our Full Day Camp)

And if you want to see some of these robots in action be sure and check for video updates on our YouTube Channel (linked here). The easiest way is to subscribe.

More Than One Reason to Build a Robot

Building robots is not just about putting together something cool. It also introduces young minds to basic concepts of electronics, science and technology and even programming.

This summer camp may be the experience that places a spark of interest in your kids young mind.

Sparks of interest can lead to our future engineers and programmers! Not to mention, little Johnnie or Janie will meet some great kids, all fellow young, robot enthusiasts.

After Nuts for Robots, robot summer camp 2014 your kid will get to say “I built there, did that, got the T-shirt.”

Oh, did we forget to mention that every camp attendee gets a free Robot City T-shirt? Consider it just our way of gearing up kids camp excellence.

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