Special Discounted Group Workshop Cubelets and More!

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April 15 11-12pm & 3-4pm

Following the end of National Robotics Week, Robot City Workshop is offering its first ever SPECIAL Discounted Group Workshop on Tuesday, April 15 with an am class running from 11 until noon and an after class running from 3-4.

During the morning session (11am – 12pm) students will learn the basics of programming. Why attend? Upon leaving students will understand what a program is and how to interact with two different programmable robots.  This early class is geared towards ages four to seven years old. The featured robot for this class will be the Bee-Bot and the Big Track Jr.

The afternoon session (3pm – 4pm) is focused on ages seven to eleven and will feature lessons involving our new set of interactive Cubelets!

The cost is $20 per student and space is limited so call ahead to reserve a slot in the workshop that works for you!

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