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Hexbug Toys on Sale

Yes, hexbug toys are on sale throughout the month of August 2014 here at Robot City Workshop. It is just another reason to visit your friendly neighborhood robot store.

Our sale is perfect for the hexbug nano collector. What collector would be complete without a collector’s case?

Buy $25 of Nano Hexbug Toys and Get a Free Case

What to do with all those colorful, collectible nanos? Put them in the nano specimen case.

Here at our store you will always find robots for sale. This month spend $25 (before tax) or more on hexbug nanos and you will get our cool, collectible nano case for free.

Parents, we know. Your children already own so many robots. So, how are you going to get Lenny or Lela to keep their robots nice and tidy?

“I know robots are fun dear. If you take good care of them they will last longer. Put everything away in it’s place. Remember your case.”

The hexbug nano specimen case proves an excellent addition to anyone wound up for these micro robotic creatures.

Now, do you have everything you need to get the most out of your nano hexbug toys? If not you can check out our fun tracks.

The hexbug nano doesn’t get any more fun than when you are racing it on a cool track. We have traditional tracks, inverted tracks and even tracks that glow in the dark. What’s more is that all of these tracks count toward your purchase total for the free nano case.

Here are some of the tracks that we feature in our robot store:

  • Hexbug nano V2 gravity loop
  • Hexbug nano habitat set
  • Hexbug nano spiral starter set
  • Hexbug nano elevation habitat set

In additional to these fun new tracks and starter sets we also have the everyday nano starter kit each of which features various track options and some of which come with a free, rare, collectible nano!

Come discover which starter kit is right for you or simply visit our web store to check out all the goodies.

What are Your Favorite Hexbug Toys?

We have all kinds of models to choose from here in the store including some of the awesome XL sizes and the new hexbug strandbeast.

Take a look at some of the most popular hexbugs in the store.

  1. Hexbug Spider – Everybody’s go to favorite for remote controlled hexbug fun
  2. Hexbug Scarab – A favorite among the autonomous hexbug options
  3. Hexbug Battle Spider – Take the hexbug spider and make it better and this is what happens. This awesome, new hexbug comes equipped with a side mounted laser to attack enemy hexbug battle spiders. Once a direct hit has been made you better get your spider back into battle!
  4. Hexbug XL Strandbeast – It’s a large and in charge hexbug. If you want the biggest, creepiest hexbug we have in stock this one is for you.

Remember the free case comes with your purchase of hexbug nano merchandise (including all tracks and sets) totaling $25 before tax. This sale is good through the month of August 2014 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or store coupons.

And Don’t Forget The Main Reasons to Visit RobotCity

Our store is committed to educating and entertaining all ages with our educational workshops, kids birthday parties and one of the most enjoyable date nights Chicago has experienced, Robot Date Night.

Schedule an event with us today or just drop by to pick up some cool hexbug toys.

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