Birthday Party – In Store

Our Robot Birthday Parties provide a fun and unique experience sure to thrill your birthday child and your guests. Robot City’s engaging instructors will lead party-goers through a variety of exciting, hands-on activities, including building a robot friend of their very own to take home!

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Robot Birthday Parties are held  at our shop located at 3226 N Sheffield Ave Chicago at two time slots of 11:30 to 1:30 pm and 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The minimum number of attendees for an in-store robot birthday party is six children and the maximum is twenty.

Cost is $40 per child which includes goodie bags and a robot kit for each child participating to build and take home. We provide all plates, napkins, forks etc..You just provide the food, drinks and cake! A reservation must be made in advance to ensure your date. We require a deposit for 2 children ($80) for this purpose. Remainder of payment can be made at the time of the party.


 Choose a Robot to Build at Your Party

–Click on the links below to see some of the robots that you can build at your party–

Doodling Robot Always a favorite, our artsy drawing robot loves to vibrate and spin his marker tipped legs to create some colorful drawings for you! Remove the markers and the doodling robot transforms into a battling war-bot! (CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER)

Brush Robot  This busy robot just loves to sweep up your dust, dirt and other messes. Add some paint to its brushes and it will make a real colorful mess of his own!

Smart Robot Our ever popular bump and go robot really gets around! With a clever motorized sphere, it can navigate a room and automatically move away from walls and other objects. It can even solve mazes – smart!

Robo Bug Watch this motorized bug scurry across the floor like a futuristic beetle or take it outdoors–Robo Bug can crawl over sand and rocks, pull objects, and even climb up hills. Ready to set him loose?(CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER)

Table Top Robot One of our easiest kits to build, this crab-like robot scuttles across a table or counter until you think it is going to go off the edge when it will suddenly change direction, avoiding a fall!

Robot Duck Build this quirky and fun robot and watch him waddle across the floor just like a duck!

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