Birthday Party Chicago?
Make it A Robotics Birthday Party!

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It is the best birthday party Chicago knows, the RCW robot birthday party. Take a look at the many reasons these awesome parties continue to fill our store with laughter and smiles.

Big Robot Toys

When kids first arrive at Robot City Workshop for their birthday party they get to play with big robot toys! This first fifteen minutes of the party is what we call “controlled chaos.” Everyone tries out the different remote control, interactive robots. Warning to the parents- this is kids fun overload!

During this free play period guests arrive, greet the birthday boy or girl and gear up for their first activity.

Making Circuits with the Fun Flying Saucer Kits

After “controlled chaos” the remote control robots leave to charge up and everyone takes a seat to build a circuit.

“All right, I see bubbles and when I see bubbles it means it’s time to do something different!”

Usually our awesome robot birthday party MC cues the next activity by hitting our little bubble making machine to grasp the kid’s attention. Next, they get a brief explanation as to what a circuit is and then snap their pieces together to complete the path of fun.

There’s always lots of smiles and sounds of excitement when the cool little red flying saucers launch into space! And kids are leaning in the process.

Now it’s time to do something different.

Kids Build A Robot

Every attendee gets to build a robot and take it home. Do you know of any other birthday party Chicago offers where this happens?

Prior to the date of the party the birthday family has chosen one of our six, popular robot DIY kits for everyone to build.

  • robo bug
  • box robot
  • duck robot
  • smart robot
  • doodling robot
  • line tracking robot (upgrade option)

Visit our events page or our galleries to see some of these robots.

Now it’s time for something different.

All the Robot Bells and Whistles

The fun does not stop after building the robots. Usually here (about an hour and 15 minutes into the party) is where the family serves food (sometimes bringing sandwiches, fresh fruit and or ordering pizza from one the local restaurants).

No robot birthday party would be complete without an Omnibot 2000 to bring out the cake!

After our robot staff helps serve the birthday boy or girl we do a little activity with the robots we built. Then Omnibot returns with little party favors for all the kids and a robot t-shirt for the lucky birthday child!

Schedule yours today!

Robot birthday parties are two hours. Parties are available in store on Saturdays and Sundays with start times at 11:30 and 3:00pm. Our space can accommodate up to sixteen children.

Off-site birthday parties are also available for a little extra.

And if you are a kid at heart and want a party of your own simply give us a call at the store. Our custom events for adults are just as fun and a refreshing way to enjoy your special occasion.

If you have any questions about the best birthday party Chicago knows let us know.

And check out some other cool robot news:

And as always have fun building!

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