Frequently asked questions

How can I sign up for one of your in-store workshops?

It's easy! Simply go to 'Book Online' on our website and: 1) Choose the workshop type you would like to attend. 2) Pick out a date and time from the ones available from the online calendar 3) Complete the online form with some basic information including the number of student's attending, names, ages and contact info 4) Complete your reservation with the online payment page That's it! You will receive a text or email confirmation shortly thereafter and we will add you to our roster.

Do you offer discounts for multiple attendees for the workshops?

Yes we do! Every addtional student you add to one of our workshops is half off! On the sign up page, you will see group discount codes to enter on the payment page. The total discount amount given will depend on the addtional number of students added. If you have more than four attendees, contact us.

What will be taught at the Activity Workshop?

During the two hour workshop, the students will learn the fundamentals of electricity with demonstrations and hands on experience. Afterwards,they will contruct some simple electronic circuits while learning about the various components used and how they work in the circuits. We will also cover some basic mechanics, gears and other mechanisms. Finally, we get to make some programs on tablets to control a robot's motions and interact with it's environment using it's sensors.

What happens at Robot Playtime for the little kids?

Lots of Fun! We will encourage your young robot explorers to draw out their robot idea and explain it's purpose. Then, using our Robot Engineer construction set, we will help them to create their idea using the various parts and pieces. Next we will have them constructing some fun contraptions using lots and lots of gears that they can control with a push button motor! Finally, we will introduce them to basic programming using our coding mice to navigate its way through a path to find it's 'cheese'!

How does the Robot Builder Workshop work?

Each of the Robot Builder workshops will feature a different robot kit from our store that each student will build individually and get to take home with them. While building their kits, we will demonstrate some of the science principles used in their projects. Please note that the kits (and batteries) will require a separate purchase once at the store.

Do you offer after school programs and camps?

No, we have discontinued all of our offsite programs and camps since 2020.

Is your Chicago store still in operation?

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were forced to permanently close that location and all of it's affiliated programs.

What is your policy for returns?

We offer a 30 day refund (with receipt) on all items except opened kits. For items without a receipt, we can only offer store credit on a gift card.

Help! I'm having problems building my kit!

No worries, we are here to help! We can offer to help with most of the beginner and intermediate level kits at no charge. In most cases, we can assist you build the kit to completion in the store. We try to keep spare parts for the kits and can perform simple repairs such as repairing a broken motor wire. Due to the extended build times, we cannot offer the same assistance with the advanced kits. These kits are designed as challenges for experienced builders and will require more time. We can assist with a particular section of the build and will do what we can, but we cannot build them to completion.

Do I have to stay with my child for the workshop?

Only for the Robot Playtime workshop which is designed for ages 3 - 5. For all other workshops, we will fully supervise the class.

Where are you located in the mall?

We are on the lower level by JC Penney near the merry-go-round carousel.

What is your cancellation policy on the workshops?

We can issue a full refund within the first 15 minutes of the class. If something arises after that time where you need to leave, we will offer a rescheduled date for your workshop.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes! We fully support educators and can offer discounts on multiple quantities for classroom use. Contact us for more details.