Commercial Robots

RobotCity Workshop now offers the latest state of the art commercial robots for the restaurant and hospitality industries. We currently offer a lease-to-own program to make these robots affordable to everyone.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration at your establishment,

call Robot City Workshop at (708)645-4037 or email us at

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BellaBot Image.png


An automated delivery & reception robot designed to seamlessly work with your employees and to enhance your guest experience at your establishment. Provides voice interaction, table escorting, call paging, and interactive marketing on its large display screen.



An ulta-high capacity delivery robot for restaurants, hospitals, offices and other institutions. Ideal for bulk carrying of used dishes back to the kitchen in a restaurant. Features call paging and voice command operation.


An innovative design brings a unique interactive feature to this outstanding delivery robot. Touch sensors and a multitude of facial expressions really give BellaBot it's personality. Infrared heated trays keep food orders warm and turn off automatically after delivery.

PuduBot Image.png


This delivery robot utilizes state of the art navigation technology and obstacle avoidance for safe operation. Its large serving trays hold multiple orders and can be fitted with an enclosed container assembly. Ideal for restaurant use, PuduBot is equally at home in other cafes, coffee shops and offices.

180C Sterlizing Robot.png

Pro Disinfecting Robot 180C

A fully autonomous disinfecting robot that provides a safe environment for your customers and employees through active disinfection spraying. Ideal for public areas such as office buildings, gyms, schools, hotels, food courts, shopping centers and other institutions. 


Multi level building delivery robot that can call and navigate elevators on multiple floors of your business. Large storage compartment holds different materials requested from multiple locations. Internal UV light automatically sanitizes items such as towels inside its compartments. Ideal for hotels, offices other complex environments.